Five years at IT Training!


Taken just after everyone moved into the CIB in August of 2011!

Today’s a special day for me – it’s been five years since I started at IT Training!  And oh, what a wonderful five years it’s been.  In the past five years here, I’ve…

  • been involved in some way, shape, or form in 340 workshops (either as an observer, assistant, or instructor)
  • worked as the administrative coordinator for two years, which was an interesting experience that allowed me to get a deeper understanding of what went on at IT Training than just assisting and instructing would do
  • written two workshops, five webinars, and edited so many workshops I can’t remember them all
  • held a number of job titles, including Administrative Coordinator, Workshop Instructor/Assistant, Senior Development Coordinator, Collaborative Learning Coordinator, Video Development Coordinator, Materials Coordinator, and my most favorite title: Senior IT Education Specialist.  And at any given point, I’ve held at least three of those titles. (Right now, I’ve got four job titles, technically!)
  • moved desks four times (hey, I had to find the place I’m the most productive in!)
  • learned to ride a scooter specifically to get to and from work with ease
  • transitioned from being an hourly staff member to a full-time professional staff member, something I’ve worked hard for!

After five years, I still love my job – I’m still excited to come in to work every day, to see what sorts new things I can learn, what I can teach others, and what other sorts of challenges await me.  Here’s to many, many more years at IT Training!


A happy five years in a very decorated cubicle!


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