The crafty part of being the Crafty Tech Nerd

The Statewide IT conference here at IU is doing something a little different this year – they’re going to have an Artists Showcase during the UITS Staff Appreciation event.  And, well, because I do create some very artistically lovely things by way of crochet… I’m going to be brave and share them at the Artists Showcase.

And on the page for submitting a “proposal” to be in the Artists Showcase, they ask if your art has a web presence.  Well, I don’t exactly have a public presence for just my crocheting – or didn’t, anyway, until just now!  I figure that I’ll occasionally post my finished objects here, in the Crafting category on this blog, so people can see what I’ve made if they’re curious and I’ll have an easier-to-share place where people can see my projects.  Most of my older projects that I’m adding today will be “posted” as close to the date I finished them on.

I’m excited about getting to show off my crocheting at the Statewide IT conference!  Who would have thought that my crafty side and my techy side would be able to meet like this?


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