Literature summary: Some EPUB identifier best practices, by Joshua Tallent


“Future-proofing your content is one of the most important steps you can take as a production specialist” is one line that especially stood out for me in this article.  Ensuring you don’t have to go back and tweak your EPUBs or any other digitally published documents you may have created is especially important.  This article discusses future-proofing your documents with a specific focus on working with the metadata and ensuring the unique identifiers associated with your EPUBs are consistent, especially if they’re going to be sold on a site such as Amazon or other sites that sell books.  Digging into the metadata for your publications and ensuring that the <dc:identifier> element is containing the information you want (in the case of the article, an ISBN) will help avoid potential errors in the future.

It also may be a smart idea in general to take a look at any metadata generated for a digitally published file before it’s shared publicly and ensure that it’s sharing the information that’s needed – if your document is including incorrect metadata, or the program you used to create your document is including its own metadata that may conflict with information you’re attempting to share, I feel it’s a good idea to get that taken care of before publishing. This will avoid having to go back and get things fixed at a later date, or having your digital documents shared with incorrect information being presented.


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