Literature summary: How Are Books Changing? by Daniel Berkowitz


How are books changing?  The title of this article asks a very good question, a question that effects not just authors, but libraries and digital publishers of all types of content.  The author of the article discusses how people today tend to read on devices such as smartphones, and as a result, digitally published books are getting shorter in order to try and hook readers and appeal to their shortened attention spans and smaller amounts of time devoted to reading.

IT Training is currently facing this as well, thinking about how to change our digitally published materials and other training content to appeal to people who want to learn something in a short amount of time.  People may simply need to learn something quickly because they’re in the middle of an important task and need to learn an associated skill in a short amount of time, or people might not be able to focus on trying to get through a long amount of material to learn what they’re hoping to learn.  As a result, IT Training is rethinking its traditional workshop materials model, and seeing how best to focus our efforts to get our information to interested people in the quickest amount of time.


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