Literature Summary: 4 major challenges the digital publishing industry is facing, by Jeff Weisbein


Digital publishing is becoming more and more prevalent, and this article focuses on how the digital publishing field is evolving and challenges that people in the digital publishing field are facing.

The first two challenges mentioned in the article focus on data – specifically, analytics and what they mean for digital publishers.  Data on page views, downloads, and demographics that can be used to drive advertising are concerns to digital publishers.  Now, I love digging into data and seeing what I can find out – and if one has an idea about what they’re looking for, analytics can be incredibly helpful if one is trying to make decisions about what to publish, who to market it to, and so on – and I think digging into data on who’s reading or downloading specific items could be especially helpful to digital librarians and curators as they create and build their collections.  The information gathered on what items are accessed most often, for example, could help a digital collection manager determine where to expand their collection and where to reduce attention.

The third and fourth challenges, focusing on engagement and what to write next, could easily be refocused towards a digital collection viewpoint – determining visitor engagement with the information being presented can help a digital curator determine which sections of a collection may need more attention and re-tooling to make them more inviting to users, or to see what’s working well for a specific collection.  Instead of thinking about “what to write next”, a digital curator or collection manager  could be thinking about “what to add next”, to a specific collection.  What do people want?  And how can it be presented?  Using data collected from visitors to a specific collection can help answer those questions.


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