Internship: finishing things up (finally)

First off, I admit to being horrifically late with some of my internship documents.  I will say, though, the reason most of this is late is because of the internship itself and where it got me – which was into a full-time position at IT Training, and into the role of Materials Coordinator (where I focus on digital publishing in the context of IT Training’s workshop materials, which is what my internship focused on!).

The internship ended up evolving quite a bit over the summer of 2015 – what originally started out as a conversion project from InDesign to an XML format that could be read by FrameMaker, as well as making materials more accessible, ended up going in a slightly different direction.  I ended up programming in Javascript to convert symbols into text in order for them to display correctly in IT Training’s new materials template, developing standards for materials development and screen capture guidelines, helped shape the guidelines for creating alternative text for images, and edited a lot of materials to ensure they met IT Training’s style guide.  I learned a lot about issues for digital publishing that I hadn’t really thought about previously – such as image resolution and placement concerns, the different types of programs that are involved in digital publishing, the role that programming languages play in the digital publishing process, and accessibility issues that arise when images and text are combined.

With my focus being in digital libraries, I feel that a lot of what I learned in my internship was relevant to my specialization.  Digital publishing is a key part of digital libraries, as the information needs to be digitized in some way, and made accessible to interested parties.  All of what I learned will be especially useful in constructing digital libraries and creating the digital documents people will use for research or personal enrichment and learning.

This blog, now that I’m finally wrapping up the last pieces of my internship, will go forth and be a record of my experiences in IT Training – not just in the Materials Coordinator world, but also as I research new technologies and modalities to help me deliver the best trainings I can to participants.  It’ll also be a place for me to ramble about my love for digital librarianship, and hopefully encourage others to explore digital librarianship as well.


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