Literature summary: The Lost Art of Indexes in Ebooks by Joe Wikert


This was an especially interesting read, focusing on something I haven’t really thought about as part of the digital publishing process: indexes in an ebook.  While yes, a reader could simply search for a term they’re looking for in a book, it’s not quite the same as going to the index of a book and seeing how a term might be used in context and where exactly it’s located in regards to a specific context.  Indexes aren’t something that IT Training relies on in its materials development, instead using a table of contents to help users navigate through a set of materials. While that table of contents can help if someone’s got a broad idea of what they’re looking to learn, if someone’s looking for something in a very specific context, it’ll be rather difficult to find what they’re looking for without doing some digging.

However, given the overall lack of indexes, and the ability to search for specific terms (even despite the lack of context), I wonder if the typical reader even notices the lack of indexes in most ebooks.  I know that I haven’t particularly noticed it, myself, until I came across this article.


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