Work, wonderful work

I’ve been pretty quiet here since last summer – but I plan on changing that.  Partly because I really need to finish up my internship requirements, but also because I like talking about my work, and this is a perfect place to ramble about the intricacies of being an IT education specialist.

Being the Materials Coordinator has been fun so far, as it gives me a chance to see all the new workshops our team writes before they make it out to the world.  Granted, I’m combing through them to make sure they meet our style standards and that there are no strange issues with the FrameMaker files that’ll bring up problems in the publishing process, so sometimes I spend more time making sure paragraph styles are being used correctly than I do focusing on the content… but it’s still fun.

I finished writing Creating Graphics for the Web late last year, and it’s been taught a few times – sadly, I didn’t actually get to see it during its first teach date here at Bloomington because I was involved in another big project – this one a research project on teaching methods used in IT Training workshops.  I can’t talk too much about it, as it’s still in progress, but once the study’s done I’ll write up an entry about it so everyone can learn what the study’s about.

Another big project I’ve been working on that I can talk about a little bit is the video workshop project.  We’ve been working on getting some of our workshops recorded so people can view them whenever they want, and it’s been exciting to help shape that process.  We’ve got a handful of workshops we’re testing out now, and a couple of different methods of producing workshops as well, and now we’re working on getting feedback from participants in order to see what they think about our offerings.

That’s what I’ve been up to since becoming full-time staff – I apologize for the oncoming barrage of literature reviews that will probably pop up tomorrow, but I hope whoever’s following this will find them interesting!


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