Meanwhile, in other IT Training areas…

In other news in IT Training work…

I’ve been officially hired as a full-time professional staff member!  I’m now officially a Senior IT Education Specialist – a title I’ve been working hard to earn for over four years.  I’m incredibly happy to finally be here full-time, and have all the time I need to devote to my work here.  I enjoy my job, and all the myriad things I do here – I’m lucky to have a job I love so much.

With the new job title comes increased responsibilities – both officially and unofficially.  Officially, I’ve taken on the role of Video Training Coordinator, and I’m working to help take our fledgling video training offerings into new directions and help people get the most out of our offerings.  I’m also being trained as the MC (materials coordinator) Editor, and as part of that role I make sure that our materials meet IT Training’s style and structural standards.  I’ll also be working with materials authors to make sure their workshops are in their best shape before we send them out into the world.  And unofficially, I’m also assisting the materials coordinator with more of the behind-the-scenes work on the publishing side of our materials process.  I think the latter two responsibilities have come about as a result of my internship – which also makes me happy, as I’ve been immensely enjoying my work in digital publishing, and it’s nice to know I can continue this work as part of my full-time duties.

I’m also almost done authoring a new workshop – Creating Graphics for the Web.  I love writing workshops – I’m always learning new things as a part of the research and authoring process. After all the hard work of writing is done and the workshop makes it into the classroom, I also enjoy seeing the looks on participants’ faces as they’re learning new things and they’re clicking, and I think to myself, “I helped with this.”  It makes me feel all sorts of happy.


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