Literature Summary: Adobe FrameMaker 2015: Traditional Future by Ray Gallon


This blog post discusses the newest release of Adobe FrameMaker – FrameMaker 2015.  New features are highlighted, and there’s a lot of discussion as to why technical writers might find these new features useful.  I specifically like the fact that Adobe is working to introduce more XML tools into FrameMaker – while it’s always been able to publish to XML, the new Guided XML option in FrameMaker XML Author might be a good way to get technical writers and other desktop publishers introduced to creating documents structured with XML.

Another thing that I’m excited about with the new version of FrameMaker is that it’s easier to publish a document to many different formats, all within FrameMaker.  Not only is this beneficial to me, as a materials author, but it could make digital publishing in general a lot easier.  Combining the enhanced XML tools with the ability to publish to a wide variety of formats could make it easier for those working to share existing print documents in digital formats (for example, poems by a famous author, letters written by historical figures, etc).  One could create the markup schema, type up the content, and style how things look all within the same program – and FrameMaker will do the heavy lifting behind the scenes and make publishing easier for those working to construct digital libraries.

This post, and all the new features of FrameMaker that it’s highlighting, have given me plenty of ideas for implementations of FrameMaker that could be incredibly useful in the digital library world… 🙂


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