Goodbye, Edufont!

As I’m working on re-mapping paragraph styles today, I figured I’d post a quick entry showing the differences between what steps in IT Training’s materials looked like in Edufont, and what they look like with the new text variables.

Here’s what things looked like in Edufont…

edufontAnd now what they look like in the new text variables in the new template:

newactionAs you can see, much more accessible than Edufont, since the characters were glyphs and not actual text.  It’s taking some adjusting, needing to dig into the Variables panel in FrameMaker to add my clicks and double-clicks, but I think things look a lot cleaner in the new format – and it also makes it easier for people who need to view our materials with a screen reader.

I’ll miss you a little bit, Edufont, but I’m glad to be using our new variables! 🙂


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