I love XML.

Ever since my first experience with XML back in my first round of grad school, where Dr. Schneider described it as “choose your own markup language”, I’ve been fascinated by it.  And the more I learn about it, the more I enjoy working with it.  Putting an XML document together – creating the tags, the schema, and the markup process itself – is like assembling a puzzle.  And it’s a fun puzzle, too – making sure everything follows the rules set down in the schema, ensuring elements are properly nested, and going a step further and using XSLT to display it in a number of formats, I enjoy it all.

Which is why I’m ridiculously happy to be working on this internship, especially with IT Training.  I love my job – I teach and write IT workshops, and also work on the frameworks for delivering and developing collaborative workshops.  I’ve been with IT Training for nearly four years, and in that time I’ve been involved in nearly 400 workshops.  (I may have gone through my staffing history yesterday to see just how many workshops I’ve been in… what can I say, I love data)  I know most of our workshops inside and out, and being able to approach them from a different angle – going behind the scenes and working with the guts of our materials – is exciting.

Today, I’m likely going to spend most of my day wrangling XML in InDesign to try and get the few sets of materials that were created in InDesign exported to a more Framemaker friendly format.  (I love InDesign, too, haha)  I found out yesterday that it’s going to be a little more work than I’d originally anticipated, though, as some of the documents made in InDesign don’t actually have any tags associated with paragraph styles.  Once I can figure out if there’s a standard tag list lurking around in Framemaker or something similar, then I can start marking up the InDesign documents and get them exported!

I love my job.  And I love my internship.  And, of course, I love XML.


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