Reporting for duty!

This summer, I’m going to be working with IT Training at Indiana University to migrate their training materials to a newer, accessibility-friendly format.  It looks to be quite an undertaking, but I’m up to the task!  I’ve been employed with IT Training for nearly four years now, and having the opportunity to do my digital libraries internship here gives me the opportunity to combine a number of things I love.  My first job as intern: find out how to export the contents of an InDesign file into a Framemaker friendly format.

A little backstory:  IT Training’s been creating their materials in Adobe Framemaker for over a decade.  There was a joint project with University of Wisconsin that introduced the idea of making materials in Adobe InDesign, and some workshops were migrated to the InDesign materials format.  However, with the effort to create more accessible materials, we’re trying to get all the workshop materials back into Framemaker.  So, my task is to research methods of exporting content (likely in XML) from InDesign and getting it to play nicely with Framemaker.


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